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  • Common Mistakes Made by Pet Owners (Part 4)

    Dr. Troy Hexter is back for another installment of the Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make.  Is it a good idea to feed your dog bones?  What happens if you feed your dog from the table while he's begging?  Do cats need heartworm medication too, or is it just dogs?  Find out answers to all these questions!
  • Top Items to Make Being a Pet Owner 100% Easier

    Being a pet owner can be extremely rewarding at times and at others a downright hassle.  In this guest blog, by Rebecca Desfosse, check out a few items that can make owning a pet easier!
  • Common Mistakes Made by Pet Owners (Part 3)

    Dr. Troy returns with part 3 of his series on common pet owner mistakes.  Make sure to read up and see if you're guilty of any of these faux "paws".  Topics like punishment for bathroom training and leaving your puppy in the crate for too long are discussed briefly in this latest blog posting.
  • Common Mistakes Made by Pet Owners (Part 2)

    Check out Part 2 of Dr. Troy's series on common mistakes pet owner's make!  Check it out and see if you're falling into any of these classic errors!
  • Common Mistakes Made by Pet Owners (Part 1)

    Dr. Troy is back to give pet owners a lesson on common feeding mistakes he has encountered in practice.  Is free feeding the way to go?  What happens after my pet is fixed?  Read the latest post to find out this and more!
  • Signs your cat is in pain and what you can do about it!

    Do you have a feeling your cat might be in pain?  Check out Dr. Troy Hexter's latest post to find out what signs to look for and methods you can use to try and alleviate the pain.
  • House-soiling cats: How to stop the problem

    A common problem among cats and kittens is house-soiling, or urinating within the home and outside the litterbox.  In this article you'll find some tips, tricks, and advice on how to overcome this issue.