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Fantastic service

The customer service is outstanding


It works! The tags are very heavy & noisy. 😺

I love the Portion-Pro. It has helped with the dogs not getting into the cat food. Also helped my cat not become over weight.

Good product to control

Excellent product that take cares of my cat diet program. Highly recommended. Only aspect to consider is the battery life it really expensive to be buying every 6 months one device

Very timely

Great feeder!

We bought this feeder because we have 2 dogs and a cat and they are all terrible about stealing each other's food. Our cat is on a specific diet while the dogs just have normal dog food. These feeders allow our dogs to be fed specific amounts and keep the other from stealing. Makes it easier than having to watch to make sure they don't eat each others food. It is easy to set up and customize the feeding time and amounts. Great product! Thanks!

Exactly what I needed for a food stealer!

I waited quite awhile to write this review, just to make sure it was as good as I thought it was. I had one automatic feeder that was not a PortionPro. I thought things were going really well. My two kitties weren’t waking me up to feed them and all was well... Until I took them to vet and realized that one cat had gained two pounds and one cat had lost two pounds! Enter the PortionPro. My old feeder and the PortionPro go off at the same times every day. The food stealer wears the collar and eats from the non PortionPro. When he’s done eating, he goes over the PortionPro to steal his brothers food and gets rejected! This has completely solved my problem. I love this. Highly recommended.

The PortionPro Feeders Are Truly a Blessing!

We Love, Love, Love our PortionPro Feeders! We bought two for our cats. One each. I highly recommend this feeder. I don’t typically do reviews, but in this case I will because we are so well pleased. We bought the machines in March of 2020. Our cats were almost 4 years old at this time and had never used a “feeder” before. We fed them in the morning and in the evening. So, in setting up the PortionPro Feeders, we followed the Recommendation for cats of 6 meals/day. We also set the machines in “Open Door” Mode so the door wouldn’t be opening and closing so much. Our Indoor Only cats had never worn collars, and I thought this might be a difficult change. Surprisingly each cat adapted very well to the collars and the machines. In the beginning both cats were perplexed and scared of the doors, because they were opening and closing all the time when the feeders were releasing a meal into the food tray, and when the “unassigned” cat approached the other cat’s feeder. There was a big learning curve for them, but I was pleased and relieved when the cats figured out these machines feed them 6 times a day, and they couldn’t get hurt. We are now 7 months into using these machines. I don’t know who’s happier ... the cats or us. They get to eat more frequent and on time. After their morning meal we take off their collars which have the “assignment tags” on them and put the collars back on them at night. They definitely have learned these collars control the machine. We have left the collars on for days at a time, but we personally prefer to take the collars off when we are home to watch the cats during feeding time. If we aren’t the collars go on. If not ... one cat will steal the other cats meal if given the chance. Every time. If you leave the collars off too long, the machine, for the cat’s safety, will let you know that it hasn’t detected the cat in 16 hours. When I needed the PortionPro Support Teams help they were readily available and helpful! That’s a big deal in this day and age. A company who highly believes and stands behind their product and easily available to help me, learn how to use these machines. I’m not a technical person, so I had a learning curve with these machines. One of our cats has discovered that it can gently paw for a few more pieces of food before the door is activated to shut because of this. I learned that he was “stealing from his next meal” rather than getting additional food. That is fine. He still gets the recommended amount for the day. In Summary, our cats are much more playful, happy, and interactive with us since using these PortionPro Feeders. I know these machines don’t have a battery back up in case the power goes out. I wish they did, however I’m so grateful I learned about this machine. I’ll buy a battery backup to use for times for when we go out of town for a short period of time. We have had the power go out for a very short time twice since using these machines. We didn’t have any problems with the feeders starting back up and working correctly. I do Highly recommend these feeders. They cost more than I would want, but I would buy them again because the machines have been worth it. The cats and our lives have benefited greatly by these machines. Thank you PortionPro. God Bless.


There should be an attachment to the collar as opposed to those that hang/dangle. My cats tags clunk against the porcelain dish every time they eat. Other than that, I love it!

Durable and Effective

We have two PortionPro RX feeders. The original RFID tags lasted approximately 5 months. I’ll recommend ordering extra tags after 4 months or as soon as the feeder signals the tag is low. Ours run out during the pandemic closure, but we were able to operate the feeder manually and still control their access to the food individually and as scheduled. I checked for new tags weekly for over a month with no luck. Suddenly production resumed and immediately ordered a new set which was delivered within a few days. Now back to normal and still loving it.

Great product

keep my male cat out of the special diet food for my female cat, she is under weight and he is overweight, he use to eat all the food. Now it is helping her eat better.

One out of three pet tags failed

Communications slow but expected with covid situation...received new tag (covered by warranty) within a few the feeder :)


The pet feeder works great, but the tags battery life isn't even close to a year. We have 3 feeders and all three batteries failed within 5 months. Customer service did replace them and those have also failed in about the same time frame. The cost of the replacement tags has also increased by 25%!!! The continual need to replace batteries just might outweigh the value of the feeder.

Thank you!

I love this product. PortionPro has made caring for my guys with 3 different diet needs a breeze. And when my chips were dying in the middle of covid, they went above and beyond to get me replacements, even though they were having difficulty themselves in these crazy times. I’m a fan for life. I’m so grateful for their help.

Good product, bad customer service

The portion pro feeder has made my life so much easier when it comes to feeding my 3 cats. I've had it for 8 months and the only issue I've had so far is that the tag stopped working after about 6 months. That's sucky because one of the down sides of this feeder is that the tag must be repurchased. I could get past this by itself but the experience I had while trying to get a new tag was horrible. Due to COVID, there was a message on the home page saying that no new feeders would be sold while the company focuses on serving existing customers. Also tags were listed as out of stock. I reached out to the company 4 separate times to ask when tags would be back in stock. I tried reaching out in different ways in hopes that one of them was going to get a response. No answers. Finally 3 weeks after my first email, I saw tags were back in stock so I just made a purchase for one. After my purchase I was notified that the price of the tag would be refunded to me because it was under the 1 year warranty, that part I was happy about. I eventually got an email from customer service but it did not reply specifically to my concerns that I emailed about. My concern was, why did my tag die after only 6 months, when would tags be back, and why was there so many people on the portionpro facebook also facing the same issue I was having with a dead tag and no communication from the company. So now I have a tag but the other two concerns still remain.

Amazing product and incredible client service

Having portion pro has certainly improved our relationship with our kitties and also help for them to stop stealing each other’s food... special for the older brother little rascal we have.

Even in these crazy COVID-19 times they are still giving giving amazing client service and doing their best effort to deliver in time and efficiency. Love them to bits!

Great Product and Great Service!

I have 2 feeders and four collars. Fantastic system! My dogs are back to healthy weight and the cats are no longer eating the dogs food. Customer service has been top notch. They are good to their customers and stand behind their equipment. I am a very happy customer.

Battery life not as advertised

I love the idea of my portion pro. I got it for 2 kittens I recently adopted. I thought that the battery in the tag would last about a year as advertised but instead it only lasted me 6 months. Now I have to replace the tag and until the new ones arrive I have to listen to the sound of the machine beeping every time they step near it. There is no way to make the beeping stop without replacing the tag which is annoying because the manual says the battery will still work for 15-30 days once the machine starts beeping. Why would I waste the tag if it could still last a few more weeks? On top of that this is a real investment. Every year I’ll have to spend $100 on replacement tags for the next 15-20 years that’s $1500-2000 in their lifetime just on the tag alone. Please make a rechargeable tag or one that we can replace the battery in. I can’t even buy extra tags in advance because they will die just sitting in a drawer. It’s ridiculous

Great products

I am a multiple cat owner and these feeders work great since they are all on different diets and ages. Everyone gets what they need.

Replacement fob

Frustrating that we have to purchase a whole new collar fob when a battery dies- these parts should really be replaceable.
Unlikely we will do it a third time.
I will say the shipping was relatively fast and the company picked up on the fact that we ordered two in separate orders, so shipped them together and refunded the double shipping charge caused by the separate orders. That’s why this is two stars and not one.

Wonderful Automatic Pet Feeder

Great to ensure my cat who likes to snack throughout the day does not get his food stolen by the other voracious cat. My cat who uses it is timid but was able to get used to it within a week. The settings like portion control is easy to set up or change. The manual was helpful with tips and for troubleshooting issues.

The only feeders that work in my multi critter home!

I have 4 cats and 2 dogs. I am a veterinarian and much to my shame, one of my cats was morbidly obese. I had tried other assigned feeders and they had helped get the weight off, but I would still wake up every morning to my previously oversee cat on my chest screaming in my face for food. And on top of that I had to put the special feeders on the table top to keep my lab mix from wiping them out (my labs tongue was definitely faster than the machine!).
Since getting the Portion Pro feeders I have been able to sleep past 6am and I have a usable dining room table again! I also never have to worry about a late day in the clinic causing a late dinner for my pets and they can each get a diet tailored to them.
I'm on my second round of tags now. Couldn't recommend them more. I've always experienced superb customer care as well!

Need help. Tags are only lasting 2 days

Need CS from PortionPro RX to call me. Works great when they work. In need of a replacement tag for my cat. Been waiting for a long time to hear from this company

Poor Customer Service and Tags

I've had repeated issues with faulty tags or tag battery issues. Poor customer service in not getting a response or rectifying the issues. Covid has affected everyone, its not an excuse.

Absolute Satisfaction

I’ve had great luck with the feeders, this was a saving grace for my bully dog and timid dog. Keeps one from over eating and the other gets to eat her food. The tags had to be replaced sooner than expected, but was reimbursed for one of them for quitting so soon, as warranty without asking. I do wish the batteries were replaceable, as they are a bit pricey.