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Many defective units before one that works

Overall this device is great. Unfortunately we had to have the unit replaced twice already due to various issues with door closing and food dispensing.

Portion Pro

Received a Portion Pro a month ago, it stopped working I was given superior help in resolving and replacing the feeder at no costs to me. I would highly recommend this product

Perfect for multi-cat households

I have two elders on kidney care diet and 1 younger male on urinary care and one that has no special needs. These feeders work perfectly and just need a bit of tweaking initially for such low volume cat food distribution. (They don’t eat anywhere near as much as the food bag claims). Otherwise these work great for handling cat special dietary needs.

Great Product, but...

This product does exactly what it claims to do, which I love. It keeps my big kitty from eating my little kitty’s food. This allows me to keep my fat cat on a strict diet and monitor exactly how much and what kind of food she is consuming. It does work. I just have 2 difficulties with it.
1. I can program it to stay closed always, until my small kitty approaches for food (if I put a collar on my small kitty). OR I can program it to stay open until my big kitty comes sniffing around (if I put a collar on my big kitty). Small cats is sensitive and skittish, big cat is brazen. So I put the collar on the big cat and have it set to be open unless the big cat comes near.
Unfortunately, this means that every 16 hours, the feeder will warn me that my small kitty hasn’t eaten. It doesn’t detect the small cat because I don’t put a collar on the small cat. So every 16 hours, the cat feeder beeps loudly 3 times, every 5-10 mins, until you hit the check mark button on the machine. I have a variable schedule, meaning that I get woken up occasionally at night because of the “your small cat hasn’t eaten in 16 hours” alarm. Not great.
My second and more significant qualm is how bright the lights are. IF the beep alarm is going off, the entire screen turns bright blue, which has woken me up several times, in conjunction with the simultaneous beeping. Even if no notification is happening, the blue light around the button (that is always lit) is crazy bright, and I have to cover it up with a cloth or item of clothing, nightly.
I like the product, but they need to allow for more specific settings on sounds and lights. A “sleep mode” with a timer would even work. Like phones have. Technology is great, but not when you’re trying to sleep.

Thanks for the honest review Mary! We just wanted to address the problem you brought up. From the sound of it you likely still have a tag that is assigned to the feeder and just not in use. That would be why you are getting the Err03 daily. I'm going to reach out to you privately with instructions on how to fix that to disable the Err03 alerts. We do have a setting in place that silences all alerts that happen 8 hours before the first meal of the day. (i.e. if you have the first meal at 7am then all beeping will be silenced from 11pm the night before until 7am)
Better relationships with my cats

These are great! I got one for my ill thin cat that needed to eat small frequent meals but my other cats were eating all of their food. I ended up getting one for my other cat that used to pester me to feed him in the morning. Once he no longer had to rely on me to get out of bed to feed him, we both like each other much more!

Additional RFID Tag

Amazing product!

I bought two of these for our cats so they don’t fight over food(only everything else) the quality is OUTSTANDING! Extremely easy to program and adjust feed amounts and times. One of the machines had an issue initially but still funtional. I contacted ProRX and they responded immediately and sent out another unit extremely fast! I am thoroughly impressed with the products and customer service ProRX provides!

Amazing product

The summer sale allowed us to get 4 of these. One of our cats is still a baby, so she won't be using hers yet. The other cats took only 1-2 days to get use to the feeding system. We have no aggression from our "fat" cat anymore in stealing others food. These really are the sturdiest and most well thought out food bowls and we're really happy to have them. Worth the money absolutely!

ProPortion Feeder

Great product. It took my cat a few days to get used to it as the opening/closing door makes a lot of noise and my cat was scared.

Love the Feeder

The feeder works great. Both my cats are on separate special diets. These feeders help prevent them from getting into each others food. They adjusted well to the new feeder. I would love if the RFID tag could be affixed to the collar on both ends of it. That way it wouldn't dangle and hit everything, but other than that I love the product. Would definitely recommend.

Thanks for the feedback! That design is actually on our agenda for the future!
Made our lives so much easier!

We have 3 cats, one of whom is a glutton. We set 2 feeders up so she has her own and the other 2 can graze as they wish and we only use one chip. One feeder is open all of the time and closes when the glutton comes near and the other feeder is closed all of the time and opens when the glutton wants to eat. All of our cats are grazers and we were constantly having to watch them eat and hide their food. We have busy schedules so feeding times were never the same. These feeders are a life saver!

Great When It Works

We love this portion control feeder... when it works. We were free feeding our dogs and 1 was overeating so we bought 2 feeders for our dogs to provide portion control. We followed the set up instructions, which were easy. The issue is that the feeders jam and we have to pull the units apart and work the food out of the belts. We are not sure why this is happening as we are using the recommended dog food size and went from 2 to 3 feedings per day so the portions being pushed into the bin are smaller. We have also ordered new belts thinking ours may be defective, but the issue continues to happen. Despite all the issues, both of our dogs have lost weight and have more energy since using this feeder.

Thanks for your review Rose! What you're experiencing is definitely not the norm for our feeders and we would like to help you get to the bottom of this problem. If you'd like to reach out to us via support@vetinnovations.com we'd be happy to try and get some understanding regarding this situation.
This is a great product!

It works great for my two cats. It allows one to free feed and keeps the other from stealing her food. The company has great support as well for questions or any issues that arise.


Worth every penny! I have 3 cats with one obsessed with food. He is fed separately by a different feeder. The Portion Pro allows me to keep food out and available at all times for my other 2 cats. If my food obsessed cat gets near the Portion Pro the door closes. He has learned he can’t get the other twos food but will still try occasionally. This has also lessened the stress in all 3 cats.

Handsfree Feeding!

We bought the PortionPro to limit the intake of our overweight cat. She was able to lose about 3lbs. Then we purchased a second PortionPro to dispense food for our other cat, especially helpful when we're out of town. It's worked out really well. Kudos to the inventor!!


Working out great. We have 3 cats that can free feed and one who must eat wet food meals. We put the collar on the one who cannot have dry food and it is working!! Thank you!

Exactly what we needed

This allows our cats to have flexibility to eat throughout the day. Our dog has adjusted quickly and it has been great!!!

Absolutely perfect

We have 3 cats and a dog. We have been fighting to keep our dog from eating the cats food since the day we got home 2 years ago. We went as far as buying a big container and cutting a small hole in it that only the cats could get through and having their food bowl inside of it and found the dog with his head stuck because he was still eating their food. We bought 2 of these feeders. One for our fat cat so we could finally monitor her food intake and one for the other 2 cats. As soon as the dog goes anywhere near their food the door closes. And we have been able to keep the fat cat from eating all of the food before everyone else gets a chance. Everyone adjusted fairly quickly to the new feeders and the added weight to their collars. In less than 2 weeks everyone was eating normally and we love our new feeders. They were super easy to set up and just as simple to adjust as the cats eating habits change.

Portion Pro Arx is AWESOME

We have one cat that needs to graze and another that will eat everything in sight. We put one tag on the cat that over eats and now the other can enjoy when he wants since we leave it in open mode. This is the best machine ever! I wish it was Wifi enabled so we could see how feedings are going while we are away, but overall I cannot complain. Now we can leave for a day or two and not worry. The “hungry” cat has his own dispenser from another company that doesn’t even compare, so we are ordering another one of these! Well worth the investment!

Works great!

This pet feeder is so awesome. We have 2 cats who are on prescription diets. Now we don't have to worry about who is eating who's food. We love them so much that we want to get 2 more for our dog and other cats. Highly recommend for multiple pets! It is a little loud when the door opens, so make sure you don't put in your bedroom while trying to sleep.

Quick customer service

Got replacement tag quickly.

Loving it!

I have two pets on special diets (one shiba and one cat), and two who are picky/grazer eaters. Everyone has their own machine. The two who graze are on an open feeder that closes when the other two approach. The shiba and cat are on their own machines so they can eat as they need for their diets and feeding times. Food aggression between the cats is way down. There is a better appreciating for "treat time" than just a mad scramble for food. It's been lovely!

It kept on getting an error message, works ok for one pet not 2. You have to buy another one

Thank you for your review Christina. Please feel free to reach out to us regarding any error messages you may be getting so we can help you to troubleshoot your feeder.
New Tags

I love the feeders! I have had both of mine for almost two years now and I dont know what I did before them. I have one cat who grazes and one who eats everything in sight the second it dispenses. The feeders allow both feeding habits to be met without affecting the other. My only issue with the feeders is that the tag doesn't last nearly as long as I expected. I think they should last 2yrs, but if I get a year out of them, i'm lucky. Hopefully they improve in the future and then I will have NO issues with these feeders at all!

So On Pointe!

My last programmable feeder did not have specifics for the amount of food dropped & it only let you program 3 meals in - no more and no less. The feeding times needed to be manually set and it was overfeeding him by FAR. If I was home when it dropped food, I would legitimately go to the feeder to remove ~half of the food. It was super stressful. This feeder allows you to go as high as 6 feedings a day, automatically knows how much food to drop each round so it doesn’t exceed the quantity that you have chosen. This feeder is super awesome & it was expensive, but so worth it!