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Great feeder for food-stealing pets!

This is the feeder I should have bought years ago! I have two cats who both are fed different diets. One is very finicky, and the other is a chow-hound. So, bowls have to be separate. I am very happy that this feeding system exists! The cat that is finicky can eat whenever he needs to, and the chow-hound eats small meals 4x/day and also can't steal from the other cat anymore. It's a win-win for both of them, as well as for me. I don't have to rush home to make sure they're fed on time, especially when my work hours vary from day to day. Very happy with this system and hope to use it for years to come.


This completely helps us so that the cats are not disrupted in their feeding flexibility by the dog who wanted to get at their food all of the time. What a lifesaver!!!

Not worth it

The machine is not worth the money. It beeps all the time with errors. Always says tag is out of range when my dog is in the house. We now have ants and I have never had ants with pet food until this machine

Hi Gracie, Thank you for reaching out to us. Your feeders should not be getting constant errors, we will be reaching out to you to help diagnose the issue and figure out why that is happening. In regards to the ants we have only heard of ants with one other feeder and this problem was solved by taping off the cleaning slot on the bottom of the feeder. We apologize for all issues you have faced due to our product.
Not sure what to say - Got a new tag in April....

It's mid August and my PortionPro is now telling me that the battery is low...

I thought each tag was supposed to last for a year. 4 months is a waste of my money - We should be able to change the batteries ourselves or not have to pay $20 every few months for a replacement. Otherwise I love my PortionPro.

Laura, Thank you for your feedback. The tags should last for a year so the fact that yours died so early indicates there was likely an internal defect. We will reach out to you about swapping your defective tag for a new one. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Additional RFID Tag

Mealtime made easier.

I really like my two feeders. It's made mealtime in my home less stressful. The dominant cat isn't trying to eat anyone else's food...well he's still trying occasionally but now it's still there in the end. My only issue is one of my cat's RFID tags seems to no longer work and it's only been a few months.

Great feeder! Could stand to be SMARTer though.

This machine is sturdily built and functions as advertised. After attaching one tag to each of my two dogs, it clams up when my boy (dog) approaches, and opens when my girl, who needs a specific food volume, approaches to eat. My boy is learning to ignore the feeder because it isn't rewarding him with food, and my girl is learning that food doesn't come from the humans anymore. The machine even continued to function after a power outage resolved without my intervention.

However, as both dogs still eat the same type of food, i wish there was an option to set a pet#2 with its own feeding schedule. The machine does not have the ability to assign specific meals to tag 1 vs tag 2. I can't feed both dogs with one feeder because it isn't smart enough to be able to allow dog 1 to eat at times 1&3 and deny dog 1 at times 2&4 and vice versa for dog 2. This should be the next feature the company should focus on in my opinion.

I would purchase this again however, because for my one dog it's doing exactly what it advertised to do and is solidly built.

Thanks for your kind words David! During development we did attempt to design a feeder for multiple pets to eat from. The main problems come from leftover food and animals territorial nature. Leftover food from dog A (I know hard to believe there are leftovers but some dogs do graze) would be in the bowl when dog B is fed. And dogs in particular are territorial over food. They wouldn't understand that it is no longer their feeding time with the bowl and any food in their is not theirs; and, they would only think that dog B is eating out of their bowl so dog B must be stealing their food. I hope that makes sense. We do appreciate your input though so feel free to reach out to us if you can think of any other improvements you would like to see in the future!

It works great

Amazing feeder

I am 100% satisfied with this purchase. It is well worth the cost of it. I bought two feeders as I was moving my cats in with my parents and I have one cat that is a scarfer and the other four are grazers. They do what they are supposed to do and I would definitely buy another one when my husband and I get a dog.

Works great

This feeder is perfect to keep my food obsessed cat out of my grazing cat's meals! It takes the stress out of feeding time.

Great concept but needs a few tweaks

The machines are a great idea and dispense the food perfectly. A few tweaks to consider:
1) reduce the size of the tags. My chihuahuas struggle with the size.

2) include a sensor for the door to only open/close if food is in the bowl. The doors opening and closing constantly on three feeders is loud and this could be reduced if the doors were only active if food was in the bowl.

3) reduce the noise on the door. It is much louder than I expected.

Overall a great product and I look forward to improvements in future models.

Thanks for your feedback Jessica! We just wanted to let you know that those improvements are things on our radar that we are working towards for the future! As a way to minimize the sound of the doors opening and closing, I would suggest setting the feeders to open mode. This will decrease the amount of times in a day they need to open or close. If you need any further help reach out to us directly at support@vetinnovations.com !
Does what it says.

We've had it for about a month now. It works great. It does exactly what it says it's supposed to do. If I had to make the purchase again I would.

absolutely love this feeder!

Works really well! In a multicat house with 1 cat who likes to eat everyone else's food, this is a godsend to help keep his weight down and keep the weight on the others! Had a slight wiring issue to, so the feeder would suddenly turn off unpredictably. Customer service is great and they quickly sent me a replacement cord to see if that solved the problem (it seems to have)! Highly recommend this feeder!

works great!

Had to get 3 extra tags. Easy to set up, and lets the cats who are supposed get access to their food and keep the other out!

These feeder are great! They are working well for us, not only are our dogs unable to eat each others food my cats aren't able to eat there food. Only thing I am not pleased with is for the amount of money these cost I think a quieter motor could have been used.

Multi animals, one solution

We have a very fat cat that is always going after the dogs food. This solved the biggest issue! He still gets dog food but a lot less and he has to work around the eating dogs. He only gets the crumbs.
Eventually we will buy one for him, but this works wonders!

Great product. I have three dogs and one with a weight problem.
I put the fob on the heavy dog and it solved having to be around while the others ate. The food is always available to the two dogs and the door closes when the heavy dog approaches. Works great!

Just throw money at the problem

My cat has had a lot of issues stealing food and it used to cause me undue amounts of stress. With a little chip on his collar, I never have to worry about this anymore. The auto feeders are super easy to set up and incredibly high quality. If your cat is like mine and separate monitored meals times for all your pets is not a feasible option, just throw a little money at the problem and watch it go away. It's worth it.

This feeder is great for anyone with multiple pets!!!

We bought three PortionPro Rx feeders for our three cats since they are very different in their eating habits. While one likes to come and go as she eats and maintains a healthy weight, the other two would scarf down food until they were stuffed. This is the only feeder that portions their food and keeps it away from the other cats. One of our cats has recently changed to a special diet, so these feeders have been a lifesaver. Our two chubby cats have also lost some weight which was greatly needed. This has been a great investment and taken a lot of stress off of us as well.

Takes some patience

We purchased this feeder because we have one senior cat and one kitten. The senior cat needed to be on special diet food that the kitten is not supposed to eat it. We were hoping to put the kitten's food in the feeder and have it open when she approached. Unfortunately, the motor scared her and she wouldn't eat. Once we swapped the ID tag to our older cat and allowed it to close when he approached, we started to like the feeder.

We purchased two feeders. They are working beautifully to control our cats' portions and keep the dogs out of the cat food!

Easy to replace!

I am so grateful the tags are so easily replaceable. Got mine in the mail with an instruction sheet (SO helpful) and quickly linked up. I think it was harder getting the collar back on my cat.

Intruder Mode!!

We have one cat that likes to eat slowly, and another cat that inhales his food, is constantly hungry, and is known to tackle the automatic feeder just to make one more piece of food come out. We thought our days of automatic feeder goodness were over until we got the PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder. Intruder mode is brilliant!! Also known as "open mode", this means the food is freely available to the slow eating cat whenever he wants, but the door closes over the food whenever Tackle McHungryface comes around. Eating time is so much more pleasant now! The hungry cat has stopped bothering with the PortionProRx feeder because he can never get any food from it. The slow-eating cat is also timid, and it did take a little while to get him adjusted to the new feeder and the door open/close noise. But, because the door closes before the food moves from the hopper into the bowl, he now associates that sound with getting fed, so now he runs to it instead of away from it. This feeder is wonderful and totally worth the price. The common wisdom with automatic feeders is that the cheap ones break, so you end up paying for the expensive one anyway. This machine is super sturdy, easy to program, and worth every penny!

Great Product!

This is an awesome product that really helps to make your life easier.

Great customer service

I had one of Tags that came with the feeder go bad after maybe 4 months. So I contacted them and they took care of me because they are supposed to last around a year. Whenever I've had questions of any sort they answer quickly and solve the problem.