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Works well but difficult for skittish cats
They work great!
Looks like I got a 50/50 deal
Thanks for your review. You should not be experiencing issues like that. If you'd like to reach out to our team directly with more information regarding the difficulties you've been having we would be happy to help get things resolved.
Frequent Error Message
Thanks for your review. Feeders should not be getting alerts frequently unless there is a larger issue at play. If you would like to reach out to us directly we can do our best to provide assistance in solving the problem for you.
Great time saver and health option for specific dietary needs
If you'd like to reach out to us with the specific video you saw demonstrating that 2 pets could be fed independently we would appreciate it. Our feeder does not have the capability to feed 2 different diets to 2 pets and we want to ensure no one gets the wrong impression.
Love it! Highly recommend
Happy Dog
Very timid cat
While the majority of pets acclimate within the first 48 hours there are times when more skittish pets can take longer to get used to their new feeder. If you are finding it to be a tough challenge you can reach out to us directly for additional help in acclimation.
Works for keeping our dog on a special diet from over eating
Fantastic feeder to help keep my two cats on their diets
Almost perfect
Works perfectly!
Works great with 2 dogs
Auto feeder
Weight control
Absolutely worth it...
Fat Cat to Fine Feline
Absolutely Fantastic
ordering not clear
Thanks for your review. All feeders come with one tag. If your feeder was delivered without the tag then please reach out to our customer service team so they can make this right for you.
Life changing for these cat owners
Finally! Peace exists in my 5 cat, 2 dog home.
Stopped My Dog Eating the Cat Food
quick shipping