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Feeding system

Excellent feeding system for households who have different animals with different diets

Awesome Product

Awesome product for my two very different cats. Works wonders for keeping them from eating the others food. Purchased additional Collar Tags, as they don’t last forever. But that’s a small price to pay for happy and healthy pets.

Best purchase ever!

My male cat is so aggressive with food and he never let his sister eat. This product is amazing! Each have their own feeder and any time he comes near her bowl while she is eating, it closes so he doesn’t have access to get fatter. He has already lost some weight and now can clean himself better and doesn’t smell as much. So funny to see him SPRINTING to the bowl when his food is dispensed. Highly recommend!

I bought replacement Id tags. I’ve had the feeder for close to two years so it was time.

Life Saver

This product has saved my life! The cat would wake me at all hours now I sleep “like a cat”

3 Dogs

Love Portion Pro Feeder! I have 3 dogs, 3 different foods. Stopped them from eating each other’s food. They are a bit noisy opening and closing. They are exactly what we needed. I would definitely recommend Portion Pro Feeder

Great product - just program and go!

We've had 2 Portion Pro feeders for our cats for going on a year and love them! Easy to program, after a quick familiarization process with the cats we were off and running. Had a couple minor things pop up with the tags early on and support was top notch, very responsive and resolved our issues promptly. If you have feeding concerns, one pet stealing the others food or travel often this is the product for you, highly recommend!

Love it, Worth the Money

I've been using this for a little over a year now and I love it

Replacement Food Belt

Best purchase!!

Love this system so very much. I have three outdoor cats and with this system not only can I keep the dogs out of the cat food but all other outside unwanted guests.

Handles large kibble

It works nicely. Only thing I would like to see is the ability to use the microchip.

I love this company!

Customer for life. These products have made my life sooo much easier and the customer service through the pandemic this year has been fantastic.

It works well with large kibble. I bought a second one so each cat their own feeder.

As Advertised & More

Portion Pro solved my problem of one cat eating out of his bowl and the other cat’s bowl, too. Then I have to clean up the overeating mess.
Follow the directions and suggestions carefully, and everything worked as advertised.
One very minor suggestion would be to use a quieter motor in manufacturing to close the door and deliver each
meal portion.

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder

This one's quieter!

I've had two Portion Pro feeders for over a year. I decided to get a 3rd one so that more than one cat could eat at a time. The first two were fairly loud. I had to set them up away from our main living space to lessen of the whirring every time a cat walked by the wrong bowl. The new feeder we received is considerably quieter. It would still be annoying to have it in a main living space, but maybe now it can go in the kitchen instead of the laundry room. As before, the new feeder works 100% as advertised, and my old ones are still going strong. I am happy that they are working on the noise "issue." I would definitely recommend the Portion Pro feeders to anyone who has a cat or small dog with special diet needs.

Fantastic service

The customer service is outstanding


It works! The tags are very heavy & noisy. 😺

I love the Portion-Pro. It has helped with the dogs not getting into the cat food. Also helped my cat not become over weight.

Good product to control

Excellent product that take cares of my cat diet program. Highly recommended. Only aspect to consider is the battery life it really expensive to be buying every 6 months one device

Very timely

Great feeder!

We bought this feeder because we have 2 dogs and a cat and they are all terrible about stealing each other's food. Our cat is on a specific diet while the dogs just have normal dog food. These feeders allow our dogs to be fed specific amounts and keep the other from stealing. Makes it easier than having to watch to make sure they don't eat each others food. It is easy to set up and customize the feeding time and amounts. Great product! Thanks!

Exactly what I needed for a food stealer!

I waited quite awhile to write this review, just to make sure it was as good as I thought it was. I had one automatic feeder that was not a PortionPro. I thought things were going really well. My two kitties weren’t waking me up to feed them and all was well... Until I took them to vet and realized that one cat had gained two pounds and one cat had lost two pounds! Enter the PortionPro. My old feeder and the PortionPro go off at the same times every day. The food stealer wears the collar and eats from the non PortionPro. When he’s done eating, he goes over the PortionPro to steal his brothers food and gets rejected! This has completely solved my problem. I love this. Highly recommended.

The PortionPro Feeders Are Truly a Blessing!

We Love, Love, Love our PortionPro Feeders! We bought two for our cats. One each. I highly recommend this feeder. I don’t typically do reviews, but in this case I will because we are so well pleased. We bought the machines in March of 2020. Our cats were almost 4 years old at this time and had never used a “feeder” before. We fed them in the morning and in the evening. So, in setting up the PortionPro Feeders, we followed the Recommendation for cats of 6 meals/day. We also set the machines in “Open Door” Mode so the door wouldn’t be opening and closing so much. Our Indoor Only cats had never worn collars, and I thought this might be a difficult change. Surprisingly each cat adapted very well to the collars and the machines. In the beginning both cats were perplexed and scared of the doors, because they were opening and closing all the time when the feeders were releasing a meal into the food tray, and when the “unassigned” cat approached the other cat’s feeder. There was a big learning curve for them, but I was pleased and relieved when the cats figured out these machines feed them 6 times a day, and they couldn’t get hurt. We are now 7 months into using these machines. I don’t know who’s happier ... the cats or us. They get to eat more frequent and on time. After their morning meal we take off their collars which have the “assignment tags” on them and put the collars back on them at night. They definitely have learned these collars control the machine. We have left the collars on for days at a time, but we personally prefer to take the collars off when we are home to watch the cats during feeding time. If we aren’t the collars go on. If not ... one cat will steal the other cats meal if given the chance. Every time. If you leave the collars off too long, the machine, for the cat’s safety, will let you know that it hasn’t detected the cat in 16 hours. When I needed the PortionPro Support Teams help they were readily available and helpful! That’s a big deal in this day and age. A company who highly believes and stands behind their product and easily available to help me, learn how to use these machines. I’m not a technical person, so I had a learning curve with these machines. One of our cats has discovered that it can gently paw for a few more pieces of food before the door is activated to shut because of this. I learned that he was “stealing from his next meal” rather than getting additional food. That is fine. He still gets the recommended amount for the day. In Summary, our cats are much more playful, happy, and interactive with us since using these PortionPro Feeders. I know these machines don’t have a battery back up in case the power goes out. I wish they did, however I’m so grateful I learned about this machine. I’ll buy a battery backup to use for times for when we go out of town for a short period of time. We have had the power go out for a very short time twice since using these machines. We didn’t have any problems with the feeders starting back up and working correctly. I do Highly recommend these feeders. They cost more than I would want, but I would buy them again because the machines have been worth it. The cats and our lives have benefited greatly by these machines. Thank you PortionPro. God Bless.


There should be an attachment to the collar as opposed to those that hang/dangle. My cats tags clunk against the porcelain dish every time they eat. Other than that, I love it!