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PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder

Works as described

I am able to portion control my cat that binges. I’ve seen a lot less vomit, only once or twice this month vs daily before. He forged even with his slow feeder bowl. He’s very skittish. When the door opens around him he freaks a little bit. But it hasn’t stopped him from eating from it. He does approach it with extreme caution. He’s put on weight since I’ve gotten it so it’s obviously not negatively impacting his eating.
The cat with allergies still tries it but she’s denied.

Love these feeders

Well what started as one due to a cat needing special feed has led to three separate feeders. We love the ease of use. Works great with cat and dog food. Only complaint is having to replace the tag, wish it just had a battery.

Best Pet Food Invention for Overweight Pets EVER!

I have a multi cat home (4 cats total) and have one obese cat. We've tried everything to help him lose weight with no success. Its difficult to keep one cat on a diet while the others can eat normally especially when my husband and are home at different times and we have two teenage boys that feed the cats just to get them to quiet down, the cats were being seriously overfed. With the Portion Pro pet food dish our now one obese cat cat eat a specific amount of food portioned out over select times of the day and we know with confidence he is only eating that amount of food. We've only had the dish for about two weeks but so far its been going great! I had my doubts of course but my cat loves it, its almost a game for him, when he hears that food being dispensed he gets really excited and runs to his bowl. He seems satisfied and doesn't go near the other cats bowls anymore to try and steal their leftovers. The only complaint I'd have is the size of the RFID tag, my cat is big boned and wears a small dog collar so its not too bad on him but on a normal sized cat it would be way too big. I'm excited to see if he can manage to get some weight off with his new dish. So far all I have is rave reviews for the Portion Pro dish!!

It works

It took a week or so for our cat to get used to it, but since then it's all been good. The only thing that could be improved is for the door motor to be quieter.

Works great; 2 cats and 1 lost weight

I bought the PortionPro because I have two cats and one needed to lose weight. It was nearly impossible to get him to stop eating for two. I set up the Portion Pro to only open for the "normal" cat so she can continue to graze, and set it to close/not open for the fat-cat. We have him on a feeding routine and he has finally started losing weight (down to 17 pounds from 19.) It took no time at all for the feeder cat to get used to it. It's true that the fobs are pretty big and clank around their feeding bowls, but they have gotten used to them. I hope in time the fobs get smaller.

We Got Our Lives Back!!!!

I can't express how much this machine has changed our lives for the better. We have 2 cats; one is a carefree eater that takes his time at mealtime and the other is a sneaky hog, which looks for any opportunity to steal food. Any food! It became a big chore at feeding times. My husband and I both work and it was difficult to take time to watch them eat. This device is a life saver!!! It's a little pricey, but worth it. We can have our lives back. The only think I'm not impressed with is the weight of the RFID tags on our little hog. It looks big on her. Also, the fact that the tags only last for 1 year. Not exactly cheap. Other than that, we're happy with the product.

Works as advertised but Fob is large for CATS-Need a smaller or collar based FOB

This unit works well for our cat that has food addiction..but I wish the collar FOB was smaller..For a Cat it is large and it makes a lot of racket when the cat is eating at the feeder as it bangs against the plastic and the food bin. Also the door mechanism is fairly loud when it opens and closes….The Cat wakes up from the other side of the house when food is dispensed.

Love it!

First thing - follow the directions on how to get your animals used to the feeders. We did not and that caused no small amount of difficulty for the first 3-4 days. But, they have all gotten used to them and now run to the feeders when they go off instead of running in terror from the sound. The dog no longer can eat the cat food and the one cat can no longer pig out and eat both cats’ food. Hopefully, we will be able to have the one cat lose some weight now. There was no real hope of that before. We also were able to go away for a few days and just had someone come by the house once a day to check on everybody. It was nice to know they would continue to get fed properly. I believe we will make back the cost of the feeders with lower vet bills as our one cat gets healthier.

Random meal sizes but accurate daily portions

I've heard that each PortionPro Rx feeder is not always identical to another in terms of food delivery. Mine rotates between what I would call small, medium and large meal sizes for my cat. But when I kept track for several days of the number of kibbles delivered from meal to meal, added them together and divided by the number meals per day, it was extremely accurate. In just 2 weeks, my chunky cat has lost a half pound. Great product so far!

I Love Everything Except...

The size of the RFID tag is ridiculously oversized for a cat. I bought an extra just to see if I could dissect it to put in a smaller package. I also covered his current RFID with leather since it’s such an eyesore.

Auto feeders

5 cats, so got 4 feeders. Some are on diets, so works great. Also, dog wears one, so they all close when she goes by.

My cat was fat

I had to buy three of these things. My new kitten had some issues with free feeding and so did my other two cats because the new guy ate most of their food. Now fat kitty boy is getting a waste and my other two can eat when they want. I have five animals and I set my feeders up so that I have two cats on one, fat kitty on his own and two small dogs on another (fat kitty boy had no qualms about eating dog food if that's all that was available). After some getting used to the feeders, everyone is very happy and no one feels cheated. Would recommend for any multi-cat/multi-pet households. The price is worth it.

1st feeder that my eternal food thief hasn't been able to break in multi-cat home

I have 3 cats. 2 are completely fine with open feed (and need to constantly graze, as they are easily distracted)...the other, "Buddy, the Cat" is obsessed with food and needs very closely monitored rations. He has figured out a way to get around every single other feeder that I've ever tried and my vet finally convinced me to give this one a try. It has worked like a charm for the last year until his tag died. Website indicated that I had to have a tag for every cat, which I initially did (and promptly misplaced the remaining two). I have one feeder programmed to be open and close only when Buddy gets near. Buddy's food is carefully programmed to dispense only the needed food. I did not need the other two tags. And now I have to order a new one.
His obsession is strong and has never failed to test the other cats' feeder -- which he was able to successfully get access to after his tag died. Other comments:
The feeders are quiet loud! While both are out of the way, they do open and close throughout the day and night.
The tag is also quite cat is quite big (20#) but would be so much more friendly to him if a little smaller, and wouldn't drag in his water bowl.


The PortionPro does exactly what it's made for! My cat was able to acclimate to it easily. The tag is larger than I was expecting, but my cat doesn't seem to mind it. If you have an animal that requires a special diet, and especially if you have other animals that try to eat it's food, definitely buy this feeder!

The old man and the watermelon

We have 2 beagles. One is an elderly male and has been free range eating without any issues since he was a puppy.
The other is a younger female that we rescued. She had a hard life and will eat any food if she can catch it.
No mater how much food was given to both dogs she would eat it. Our older male was actually losing too much weight and the female had the shape of a watermelon.
We tried separating them and feeding them at scheduled times but this upset the male and he stopped eating altogether and lost even more weight.
I then did some online searching and found the PortionPro feeders.
These solved both issues. I purchased 2 feeders. One for our male can free range again and the other for our female to keep her from over eating. I run the males in open mode so he would not be discouraged from going to his bowl whenever he wanted. The radio tags keeps the female from stealing his food and only eating her proper amount
Thanks to the PortionPro feeders both of our dogs are getting back to a proper weight

Works great for acid reflux dog, but needs a bit more programming flexibility and could use an app

Our 1.5 yr old golden retriever has food anticipation issues, such that around 5 AM, he would vomit up a bit of bile. As every dog owner knows, there is no better alarm clock than your dog vomiting in the middle of the night. Our pup was put on a low dose of acid reducer, but this only helped for a while.

We thought, what if we could feed him just a small portion in the middle of the night? The problem, another golden retriever pup that we affectionately call "Kobayashi". To avoid Kobayashi eating our other dog's food, we bought two of these. Now both dogs get fed around 3 AM, without much problem. They even figured out that going to the other's dish results in its closure, so we are no longer listening to the feeder doors at 3 AM (which can be a bit annoying). Moral of the story, our pup is no longer on acid reducing medication, AND he has not vomited overnight since.

We do have 3 issues:

1. The feeder has a minimum number (2) of feedings for dogs, therefore, the feeder actually dispenses part of their overnight snack at least 1 hr prior to dispensing the other half. It would be helpful if you could set the number of meals dispensed to one.

2. The feeder lights up the screen and provides an Err 03 code when a dog has not visited it for more than 16 hr. It would be helpful to have a more descriptive error symbol, AND this feature should be able to be turned on/off.

3. It would be useful to have a mobile app and connectivity to the feeders through a wireless network, so that changes could be done through the app, AND so that notifications could be sent about the feeder (e.g., when food was dispensed, how much, when was it visited, etc.)

Overall, we are pleased with the feeders, and they function exactly as described. However, make sure to purchase any extra tags AND extra dog bowls (if you would like to rotate them while you wash the previously used ones) at the SAME TIME you purchase the feeder(s). The shipping for these items after this is highway robbery.

Life saver!!!

I have three cats one is on a very special diet for allergies. He has been waking me up at 4 a.m. everyday for the past 5 years to eat. After 3 days of having these feeders all of my cats are eating on their own. For the first time in 5 years I'm getting a full night's sleep and it is because of these feeders!!! And my cats are healthier from eating 6 times a day. I love these feeders. I would recommend them to any pet owner.

Not For Multi-Cats

If you have have mixed fur babies of cat and dog, this would work well. However, in a multi-cat home this is not suggested.
Scenario: 3 cats, one is very food motivated. Live in a 2/2 condo,1000sqft.
Mode: always open and contains holistic adult cat food for the two normal kitties.
Sensor: One sensor, worn by the food motivated kitty.
Issue: food motivated kitty always hangs out in the feeding area waiting for food, always! The other two kitties can’t eat since the sensor is always tripped and door is closed on feeder.
Resolution: will try to move one of the feeders to another room.
Issue2: this unit has no back up battery option. When power cuts out good luck!

Thanks for your review. We do generally find that unapproved pets will lose interest so your case is more rare. You'll want to make sure feeders are at least 6 feet apart as we recommend or you could run into problems where pets are accidentally locking each other out. We don't function during a power outage but we do store settings, so that the feeder will resume normal function upon the return of power. Please reach out to us directly with any further questions so we can help to improve your experience!
Very happy but did not need extra tags!

Color: GreyPattern: PortionProRx Pet Feeder with 1 Tag
We recently purchased the Portion Pro and I just had to come leave a review because we are so happy with it! We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. Our dogs don’t bother each other’s food, but they constantly try to eat the cat food. Our cats share their food fine so we only purchased one portion pro feeder. We have it set to open mode so the door stays open unless one of the dogs walk up to the bowl. This setting has been working out perfectly! In fact, after the dogs realized the door would close on them a few times they haven’t even walked near the feeder since! This has been a great solution for us.

Some things to note, the feeder comes with 1 tag and suggests that all pets in the home wear a tag...because of this, we purchased 3 extra tags. However, because the bowl has the open mode option, only our dogs, the denied pets, wear tags. Our cats don’t like collars so this works for us, but now we have 2 extra tags we don’t need. I wish the description would have mentioned that open mode was an option. Technically, unless you will be using multiple feeders, the allowed pet(s) don’t need tags. Additionally, I saw several reviews mention that the tags are bulky. While they are a bit thick, they aren’t too heavy in my opinion. I have a 6 pound dachshund and an 80 pound Goldendoodle and both of them wear the tags just fine. I do believe that if my cats had to wear the tag they wouldn’t like it though. Overall, it’s been a wonderful purchase and I would definitely recommend it to multi pet home.

Works great if you have a greedy pet

We got this because we have one cat that will eat anything in sight, and another cat who is very shy and gentle and was basically starving. We put the tag on the piggy boy cat and it slams shut in his face every time he makes a run for her food, which is highly satisfying to all of us, shy cat included.

The only negative is that the sensor tag worn around the neck is kind of big for a cat; if you had a small cat or kitten, I think it might be in their way. The pig cat is 12 pounds so he handles it OK, but it always dips into his food and water bowls. Perhaps the company could make different sized sensor tags for cats and dogs, (and possibly a collar to accompany them that would work well with the weight of the tag?)

Otherwise, it totally solved our problem! Little cat is gaining some of her weight back, piggy boy is eternally frustrated😂.

works great!

Does the job very well! Cat got used to it very easily. Only complaints are the tag for the collar is really large and the door shutting is pretty loud.

Great Solution for Your Pets

Both of our dogs are grazers and share a bowl, despite trying to separate them—the problem was one barely eats and the other eats too much! So now my barely eats dog has access to as much food as often as she wants it. And the overeater gets her daily portion (in a regular bowl) and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Only down side to this system is that I get an error message when the bowl is full and can’t refill at the scheduled time, which happens at least once a day, and it beeps intermittently until you clear it. This can probably be fixed by dropping the daily portion to be delivered, but I am trying to gage how much my one dog is eating first. Also, my husband thinks we need a second one because he thinks it hurts the chubby dog’s feelings when the bowl closes on her. 😂 Wish the power cord was a bit longer.

Fat cat solution!

We bought 2 portion pros, one for each of our cats. Gremlin is a food hog, and Chickpea wasn't getting enough. Now Gremlin gets only what he's supposed to and Chickpea gets what he needs. Gremlin is the only one who has to wear the collar. We love it.


I don’t typically take the time to write reviews, however, this portionpro feeder deserves praise. I have 2 kittens and one is special needs and doesn’t know when to stop eating. He was eating all of his brother’s food which was not only causing weight gain and constipation/stomach issues but also food aggression from his hungry brother. I had been brainstorming how to feed them separately while still using an automatic feeder and came across the portionpro.
I sat there reading every review, hesitating on the price, so I’m going to save you some screen time—yes, it’s worth it.
It’s easy to step up, it’s clearly made well and is high quality, and it does exactly what it’s intended for—each kitten now has access to only their food and they are both much healthier and happier now! The door that opens and closes over the bowl is noisier than I’d like but that’s really it for negatives.
Amazing product.