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This is a great product!

It works great for my two cats. It allows one to free feed and keeps the other from stealing her food. The company has great support as well for questions or any issues that arise.


Worth every penny! I have 3 cats with one obsessed with food. He is fed separately by a different feeder. The Portion Pro allows me to keep food out and available at all times for my other 2 cats. If my food obsessed cat gets near the Portion Pro the door closes. He has learned he can’t get the other twos food but will still try occasionally. This has also lessened the stress in all 3 cats.

Handsfree Feeding!

We bought the PortionPro to limit the intake of our overweight cat. She was able to lose about 3lbs. Then we purchased a second PortionPro to dispense food for our other cat, especially helpful when we're out of town. It's worked out really well. Kudos to the inventor!!


Working out great. We have 3 cats that can free feed and one who must eat wet food meals. We put the collar on the one who cannot have dry food and it is working!! Thank you!

Exactly what we needed

This allows our cats to have flexibility to eat throughout the day. Our dog has adjusted quickly and it has been great!!!

Absolutely perfect

We have 3 cats and a dog. We have been fighting to keep our dog from eating the cats food since the day we got home 2 years ago. We went as far as buying a big container and cutting a small hole in it that only the cats could get through and having their food bowl inside of it and found the dog with his head stuck because he was still eating their food. We bought 2 of these feeders. One for our fat cat so we could finally monitor her food intake and one for the other 2 cats. As soon as the dog goes anywhere near their food the door closes. And we have been able to keep the fat cat from eating all of the food before everyone else gets a chance. Everyone adjusted fairly quickly to the new feeders and the added weight to their collars. In less than 2 weeks everyone was eating normally and we love our new feeders. They were super easy to set up and just as simple to adjust as the cats eating habits change.

Portion Pro Arx is AWESOME

We have one cat that needs to graze and another that will eat everything in sight. We put one tag on the cat that over eats and now the other can enjoy when he wants since we leave it in open mode. This is the best machine ever! I wish it was Wifi enabled so we could see how feedings are going while we are away, but overall I cannot complain. Now we can leave for a day or two and not worry. The “hungry” cat has his own dispenser from another company that doesn’t even compare, so we are ordering another one of these! Well worth the investment!

Works great!

This pet feeder is so awesome. We have 2 cats who are on prescription diets. Now we don't have to worry about who is eating who's food. We love them so much that we want to get 2 more for our dog and other cats. Highly recommend for multiple pets! It is a little loud when the door opens, so make sure you don't put in your bedroom while trying to sleep.

Quick customer service

Got replacement tag quickly.

Loving it!

I have two pets on special diets (one shiba and one cat), and two who are picky/grazer eaters. Everyone has their own machine. The two who graze are on an open feeder that closes when the other two approach. The shiba and cat are on their own machines so they can eat as they need for their diets and feeding times. Food aggression between the cats is way down. There is a better appreciating for "treat time" than just a mad scramble for food. It's been lovely!

It kept on getting an error message, works ok for one pet not 2. You have to buy another one

Thank you for your review Christina. Please feel free to reach out to us regarding any error messages you may be getting so we can help you to troubleshoot your feeder.
New Tags

I love the feeders! I have had both of mine for almost two years now and I dont know what I did before them. I have one cat who grazes and one who eats everything in sight the second it dispenses. The feeders allow both feeding habits to be met without affecting the other. My only issue with the feeders is that the tag doesn't last nearly as long as I expected. I think they should last 2yrs, but if I get a year out of them, i'm lucky. Hopefully they improve in the future and then I will have NO issues with these feeders at all!

So On Pointe!

My last programmable feeder did not have specifics for the amount of food dropped & it only let you program 3 meals in - no more and no less. The feeding times needed to be manually set and it was overfeeding him by FAR. If I was home when it dropped food, I would legitimately go to the feeder to remove ~half of the food. It was super stressful. This feeder allows you to go as high as 6 feedings a day, automatically knows how much food to drop each round so it doesn’t exceed the quantity that you have chosen. This feeder is super awesome & it was expensive, but so worth it!

Working pretty well not perfect

I agree with previous reviews, sure would be great if the tag was not as heavy and smaller. Both cats are learning the technique. They both make louder noise banging the tag against the metal bowl than the machine makes opening and closing.

Great Product - Wish for Smaller Minimum Meal Size

We are very happy with the two feeders we purchased so far. We have one overweight cat on her own feeder and the other two free-feeders on their own set up. I only wish that the feeder's minimum meal setting was less than 1/2 cup, as our vet said that our grossly overweight cat should only be eating about 1/4 cup a day. Even though our situation is better than it was before, we still need to periodically dump the overweight cat's food back into the food holder to try and achieve feeding her less.

Love this product. Easy to follow instructions and took no time to put it together. I have two cats and our 1 can't have solid food. So this worked out great...worth the money

It’s ok

I was really hoping for more after my vet suggested this. Our cat kept eating the dogs food so we got it for our dog to keep it closed. He picked it up right away but then came the error codes. I have to check it all the time because it’s a different error code every time I walk by it. Frustrating!! You also have to empty the food bin to check for most problems so don’t keep it too full.

Hi Andrea, Thanks for your review. It is not normal for a feeder to get alerts too often and something may be off regarding the way it has been set up. If you would like to reach out to us privately with further details, we would be happy to help you figure this out.
Great feeder for food-stealing pets!

This is the feeder I should have bought years ago! I have two cats who both are fed different diets. One is very finicky, and the other is a chow-hound. So, bowls have to be separate. I am very happy that this feeding system exists! The cat that is finicky can eat whenever he needs to, and the chow-hound eats small meals 4x/day and also can't steal from the other cat anymore. It's a win-win for both of them, as well as for me. I don't have to rush home to make sure they're fed on time, especially when my work hours vary from day to day. Very happy with this system and hope to use it for years to come.


This completely helps us so that the cats are not disrupted in their feeding flexibility by the dog who wanted to get at their food all of the time. What a lifesaver!!!

Not worth it

The machine is not worth the money. It beeps all the time with errors. Always says tag is out of range when my dog is in the house. We now have ants and I have never had ants with pet food until this machine

Hi Gracie, Thank you for reaching out to us. Your feeders should not be getting constant errors, we will be reaching out to you to help diagnose the issue and figure out why that is happening. In regards to the ants we have only heard of ants with one other feeder and this problem was solved by taping off the cleaning slot on the bottom of the feeder. We apologize for all issues you have faced due to our product.
Not sure what to say - Got a new tag in April....

It's mid August and my PortionPro is now telling me that the battery is low...

I thought each tag was supposed to last for a year. 4 months is a waste of my money - We should be able to change the batteries ourselves or not have to pay $20 every few months for a replacement. Otherwise I love my PortionPro.

Laura, Thank you for your feedback. The tags should last for a year so the fact that yours died so early indicates there was likely an internal defect. We will reach out to you about swapping your defective tag for a new one. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Additional RFID Tag

Mealtime made easier.

I really like my two feeders. It's made mealtime in my home less stressful. The dominant cat isn't trying to eat anyone else's food...well he's still trying occasionally but now it's still there in the end. My only issue is one of my cat's RFID tags seems to no longer work and it's only been a few months.

Great feeder! Could stand to be SMARTer though.

This machine is sturdily built and functions as advertised. After attaching one tag to each of my two dogs, it clams up when my boy (dog) approaches, and opens when my girl, who needs a specific food volume, approaches to eat. My boy is learning to ignore the feeder because it isn't rewarding him with food, and my girl is learning that food doesn't come from the humans anymore. The machine even continued to function after a power outage resolved without my intervention.

However, as both dogs still eat the same type of food, i wish there was an option to set a pet#2 with its own feeding schedule. The machine does not have the ability to assign specific meals to tag 1 vs tag 2. I can't feed both dogs with one feeder because it isn't smart enough to be able to allow dog 1 to eat at times 1&3 and deny dog 1 at times 2&4 and vice versa for dog 2. This should be the next feature the company should focus on in my opinion.

I would purchase this again however, because for my one dog it's doing exactly what it advertised to do and is solidly built.

Thanks for your kind words David! During development we did attempt to design a feeder for multiple pets to eat from. The main problems come from leftover food and animals territorial nature. Leftover food from dog A (I know hard to believe there are leftovers but some dogs do graze) would be in the bowl when dog B is fed. And dogs in particular are territorial over food. They wouldn't understand that it is no longer their feeding time with the bowl and any food in their is not theirs; and, they would only think that dog B is eating out of their bowl so dog B must be stealing their food. I hope that makes sense. We do appreciate your input though so feel free to reach out to us if you can think of any other improvements you would like to see in the future!

It works great