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Almost perfect

There are very few products on the market like this, currently. This was the only feeder I found that dispenses food at intervals, and has a door that shuts. This was also the only solution for my overweight cat who gets 3/4 cup of dry food per day, split into many small meals, without me having to be the one to do it 6 times a day. There is another product I found that allows the cat to eat a certain amount, then the door shuts on them. This is not what I wanted, so I bought the PortionPro. In a sense, it's perfect for what I was looking for and needed for my multi-cat household.
The downsides, which I hope are tweaked in the future:
- the tag is gigantic. I'm sure it looks fine on a dog, but it's ridiculous on a cat. I've been told by the company that it cannot be made smaller.
- the feeder is gigantic. Again, I'm sure it's perfect for dogs, but in my opinion they should have made a model better suited for cats and sold two different models.
- the dish is ceramic. The huge tag clangs on the ceramic dish and keeps me awake since the cats eat across the hall. I took the company's advice and taped the tag onto my cats collar which is hideous, but is working.
- the dispenser and door are VERY loud. I had this feeder next to the cats wet food and water, and it would open and close every time he went to eat wet or drink. I eventually had to relocate it to a different area, which is not ideal. I prefer microchip feeders over RFID apparently, because they do not open from many feet away.
- the sound of the door opening and closing and the food dispensing sometimes wakes me up, but I am a light sleeper.
- the battery in the tag only lasts for a year. so the cost doesn't end at the huge purchase price. it's essentially $20 a year.

Even with all of the little issues that I have, it's still saving my sanity because I do not have to remember to give him dry food every 4 hours myself, and if we are gone for the night, he will still get food at intervals instead of all at once. Also, I think getting a small meal at 2:30am and 6:30am has helped the daily crying for food at 5am situation. Definitely a great invention!

(photo shows his SureFeed microchip tag for his wet food dish, and the big grey thing next to it with the black electrical tape is the PortionPro tag)

Works perfectly!

I have two cats on two separate prescription diets. Both on portion control because both are overweight. Works like a charm!!!

Works great with 2 dogs

Although a little noisier than expected, works exactly how I'd hope. Free feeder pup gets to eat when he wants and the fatty pup can't access any extra food.

Auto feeder

Your product is very impressive. Each of my Shepard’s have learned better eating habits and have lost weight. Highly recommend.

Weight control

Thanks for having this technology available to my obese cat.
There’s nothing else to help him stop stealing food from his two step sisters.

Absolutely worth it...

We purchased this because this is exactly what I've been looking for. It's a little pricey but overall worth it for our sanity. Our special cat who's on a special diet is a gobbler and loves eating the other cat's food. We bought it to let our other cat eat in peace and so we could go on vacation.
Thankfully, a company finally gave us what I've been looking for. the cat who uses this food bowl took to it very quickly which was a plus. Only experience that irked me was coming back from our 3 day vacation. I found both collars off. (My 2 boys like to play hard) open collar was next to food bowl..and I dont know how much my special diet cat ate the other food.

Fat Cat to Fine Feline

We bought 2 PortionPros for our 3 cat household because one of our kitties was turning in to a fat cat. We have a female (fat cat), an older male who was under weight, and a kitten. Fat cat would eat the kitten food and hog the regular food from our male cat. We purchased two feeders, one for the kitten food and one for the regular food. We put the sensor only on fat cat and have the regular food feeder on a portion schedule and have the kitten food feeder closed to fat cat. The older male and kitten can eat freely from both. As a result, fat cat has trimmed down after only a couple months and our male has been able to gain some weight (as he often eats from the kitten food). It wasn’t hard to set up if you follow directions. The only criticism I have is the noise when the door opens and closes (as it does often when fat cat walks by the kitten food feeder), which is somewhat loud. We have gotten used to it over time but an improvement in the mechanics to make that quieter would be good.

Absolutely Fantastic

We purchased 2 feeders for our 2 cats approximately one month ago. We could not be happier with them. One of our cats had a habit of eating his brothers food, and had put on a bit of weight. We are happy to report, the feeders with the collars, are keeping our over eater on track to getting back in shape, in fact he's already lost about two pounds. It only took them a couple days to be completely used to using there own personal feeder. Also an added bonus, they no longer wake me up at 4am begging for food 😁. So now I am getting better sleep as well. These truly are a life saver.

ordering not clear

Placed the order. It was NOT clear that a matching tag was not included with the feeding dish.

Thanks for your review. All feeders come with one tag. If your feeder was delivered without the tag then please reach out to our customer service team so they can make this right for you.
Life changing for these cat owners

I don't write reviews often but this product deserves one from our family. The issue was that our 9-year old male cat has kidney issues and is on a special diet--the food we get him actually increases appetite, which is fine as he is thin. Our other kitty, a 4-year old, had gotten fat from eating too much of the kidney diet food. I tried to feed them different kibbles but it was impossible. Further, the fat cat will sit and eat a ton when the bowl is full. The old cat likes to nibble all day--but the fat cat was eating all the food. So cat feeding was stressful and there was lots of begging and trying to get one cat to eat less and one to eat more, etc.

I had seen auto feeders but I knew that the fat cat would just push the old cat out of the way and eat his food. So that this system closes the feeding dish when the wrong cat approaches it is genius. It works perfectly for us and we've had it for a few months.

This is what we did--we bought two feeders, put one in kitchen and one in dining room and put them both on the Open bowl mode. So each cat can eat out of his/her bowl whenever they please. But, if fat cat goes to eat old cat's food, the dish closes. We were worried that the 10 seconds to close time would mean fat cat could eat a good amount but it happens when the wrong cat is within a few feet of the feeder so that she doesn't even get a chance before the lid closes. Putting the feeders far away from each other and on Open mode were the tricks for us. We have no more begging for food, they don't paw at our faces at 5 am for feedings, and they are each getting their separate kibble--Kidney rX and weightloss. We never have to feed them or worry about it. The only small issue we've had is that our older cat spends a lot of time at his water bowl and we had his collar too loose so the chip thing stopped working. We ordered another one and tightened his collar and it's fine now. Yes, they are expensive, but for our family they are worth their weight in ...

Finally! Peace exists in my 5 cat, 2 dog home.

While skeptical at first, I’m sold! I have two obese cats that spend their whole day trying to find and steal food. Three cats need diet food and two need GI sensitive. It took about two weeks to acclimate everyone to new Portion Pro feeders and locations, but everyone is more peaceful and starting to shed some weight where needed. Buying five feeders was a huge investment I kept putting off, but am now glad I made the jump. Husband is happy to not be pestered an hour before feeding time every morning.

Stopped My Dog Eating the Cat Food

This was perfect for my shy cat to get her food uninterrupted and stopped my dog from getting into her food constantly.

quick shipping

I ordered replacement tags since the batteries had died in the old ones. They arrived very quickly.

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder

Seems to run as billed, but you can only feed one animal from one machine

One thin cat, one fat cat. Would have had to order a second machine to feed both, and restrict the fat one. Quick release safety collar lost one id tag within a week, they are heavy and bulky, too much for the safety collars. $20 to replace. Sent mine back, wish it was programmed to feed two different animals. Could work well for one small, bold, food driven dog, but our timid cat ran off when the loud door closed or opened. Will definitely work for the right situation, unfortunately not for ours.

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder

Works as described

I am able to portion control my cat that binges. I’ve seen a lot less vomit, only once or twice this month vs daily before. He forged even with his slow feeder bowl. He’s very skittish. When the door opens around him he freaks a little bit. But it hasn’t stopped him from eating from it. He does approach it with extreme caution. He’s put on weight since I’ve gotten it so it’s obviously not negatively impacting his eating.
The cat with allergies still tries it but she’s denied.

Love these feeders

Well what started as one due to a cat needing special feed has led to three separate feeders. We love the ease of use. Works great with cat and dog food. Only complaint is having to replace the tag, wish it just had a battery.

Best Pet Food Invention for Overweight Pets EVER!

I have a multi cat home (4 cats total) and have one obese cat. We've tried everything to help him lose weight with no success. Its difficult to keep one cat on a diet while the others can eat normally especially when my husband and are home at different times and we have two teenage boys that feed the cats just to get them to quiet down, the cats were being seriously overfed. With the Portion Pro pet food dish our now one obese cat cat eat a specific amount of food portioned out over select times of the day and we know with confidence he is only eating that amount of food. We've only had the dish for about two weeks but so far its been going great! I had my doubts of course but my cat loves it, its almost a game for him, when he hears that food being dispensed he gets really excited and runs to his bowl. He seems satisfied and doesn't go near the other cats bowls anymore to try and steal their leftovers. The only complaint I'd have is the size of the RFID tag, my cat is big boned and wears a small dog collar so its not too bad on him but on a normal sized cat it would be way too big. I'm excited to see if he can manage to get some weight off with his new dish. So far all I have is rave reviews for the Portion Pro dish!!

It works

It took a week or so for our cat to get used to it, but since then it's all been good. The only thing that could be improved is for the door motor to be quieter.

Works great; 2 cats and 1 lost weight

I bought the PortionPro because I have two cats and one needed to lose weight. It was nearly impossible to get him to stop eating for two. I set up the Portion Pro to only open for the "normal" cat so she can continue to graze, and set it to close/not open for the fat-cat. We have him on a feeding routine and he has finally started losing weight (down to 17 pounds from 19.) It took no time at all for the feeder cat to get used to it. It's true that the fobs are pretty big and clank around their feeding bowls, but they have gotten used to them. I hope in time the fobs get smaller.

We Got Our Lives Back!!!!

I can't express how much this machine has changed our lives for the better. We have 2 cats; one is a carefree eater that takes his time at mealtime and the other is a sneaky hog, which looks for any opportunity to steal food. Any food! It became a big chore at feeding times. My husband and I both work and it was difficult to take time to watch them eat. This device is a life saver!!! It's a little pricey, but worth it. We can have our lives back. The only think I'm not impressed with is the weight of the RFID tags on our little hog. It looks big on her. Also, the fact that the tags only last for 1 year. Not exactly cheap. Other than that, we're happy with the product.

Works as advertised but Fob is large for CATS-Need a smaller or collar based FOB

This unit works well for our cat that has food addiction..but I wish the collar FOB was smaller..For a Cat it is large and it makes a lot of racket when the cat is eating at the feeder as it bangs against the plastic and the food bin. Also the door mechanism is fairly loud when it opens and closes….The Cat wakes up from the other side of the house when food is dispensed.

Love it!

First thing - follow the directions on how to get your animals used to the feeders. We did not and that caused no small amount of difficulty for the first 3-4 days. But, they have all gotten used to them and now run to the feeders when they go off instead of running in terror from the sound. The dog no longer can eat the cat food and the one cat can no longer pig out and eat both cats’ food. Hopefully, we will be able to have the one cat lose some weight now. There was no real hope of that before. We also were able to go away for a few days and just had someone come by the house once a day to check on everybody. It was nice to know they would continue to get fed properly. I believe we will make back the cost of the feeders with lower vet bills as our one cat gets healthier.

Random meal sizes but accurate daily portions

I've heard that each PortionPro Rx feeder is not always identical to another in terms of food delivery. Mine rotates between what I would call small, medium and large meal sizes for my cat. But when I kept track for several days of the number of kibbles delivered from meal to meal, added them together and divided by the number meals per day, it was extremely accurate. In just 2 weeks, my chunky cat has lost a half pound. Great product so far!