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Works so well
I have one cat that is very skinny and had to be locked in a separate room for hours to get him to eat enough and he hated it. Now he can eat when ever he wants to and does not have to worry about the other two cats bullying him and stealing his food. My other cats still have not figured out why they can't eat his food and continue to try but have not figured out a way to get to it yet.


This puts my dogs on a routine. I don’t have to worry about their food. And if the feeder were to have a problem, it would ring an alarm or my dogs would let me know. I only had an alarm once because I quit using one of the tags.

Exactly what I was looking for!

I needed a feeder that would keep the cats eating separate food and could have scheduled feedings. I did not want to fill it daily (all the others that are pet specific had a couple compartments that open only). Once you get used to the door noise these are perfect (there’s a wurring sound when it opens and closes, not super loud though). The only thing I would change is the tags are so big and dangly, luckily it hasn’t been a problem so far I was just super worried about it at first. I was originally looking for a feeder that could use their microchips but the only ones that do that are the ones that need to be filled each day. My boyfriend thinks it would be cool if the doors didn’t open when the bowl is empty.

PortionPro keeps my fattycat slim!

I have three cats, one of whom is a glutton. He'll eat his food from his feeder and then the others' food until he gets sick! I've tried 4 other solutions, but PortionPro's active RFID prevents him from getting more than his share. It's actually humorous to watch his quizzical expression when the PortionPro's door closes before he can get to the food. He hasn't given up yet (it's only been two weeks, and he's stubborn), but I can tell he's slowly getting tired of the frustration. Thanks, PortionPro!

Exactly what we needed!

I have a puppy who refuses to eat a meal in one go. He insists on grazing or will not eat enough to maintain his weight. But I also have another hungry dog and a scavenging cat who made grazing impossible without us standing watch over the bowl at all times. I searched high and low for a reasonable solution and here it is! Finally! Now everyone (except the scavengers) is happy! We also gave in and bought a couple of extra tags for when friends’ dogs come visit. We had a day when we thought our pup was particularly hungry until we realized he was letting his friend help herself to his food...

Works great for our two cats!

While video monitoring our cats from vacation, we realized that one of our cats was eating almost all the food we put out for both of them. After a lot of research, this was the only system that seemed like it would resolve the problem. We’ve had it about a week, and it works well!

We initially had an issue where one of the feeders we received was defective. The customer service was super responsive and sent us a new one right away. It works great.

Pros: easy set up, easy to program, saves time feeding the cats, set it and forget it, weight management/portion control, and great customer service

Cons: expensive, loud!, keeping two large feeders 6 feet apart is difficult in a lot of homes (see photo with water fountain in the middle), and the sensors that go on the cat collars are quite large and dangle pretty low on their chests. It would be better to design one that can be threaded through the collar, so it sits closer to their body.

Very nice feeder

The feeder works well and was very easy to set up. I would recommend it.

Prevents food theft.

The noise bothered them at first, but my bichons adjusted to the feeders by the 2nd day. We got two feeders, because our chubby dog keeps eating the skinny dog's food. This helped the skinny dog re-gain his weight, thanks PortionPro! I wish (1) there was a deal for buying more than 1; (2) the reading distance between the RFID tag & feeder was adjustable; (3) it could connect to wifi so I could auto feed when I'm not nearby; (4) the RFID tag had a replaceable or rechargeable battery.

Works great.

Delivered promptly and works like described. Wish the fobs were smaller and lighter, since I'm using on 2 kittens and a small old cat that require different types of food. I can only use it for dry food and still have to feed wet food in separate bowls, because I don't want to mix the dry and wet foods.

Love this!

Really beautiful and useful. I recommend this to your pets!

Great, but could use a few improvements

This solved my problem of my cat trying to eat the new kitten's food. Pig cat has never been able to get in it or steal any food, and he only tries sporadically now. And the cat who is allowed to eat out of it got used to it quickly.

There are a few things I think could be improved, though:

1 - The tag is huge and heavy. I have it attached to a collar on my cat, which he got used to pretty quickly, but I noticed when he jumps down from high places he holds his head up high so he doesn't get banged in the face with the tag dangling from his collar. It also dips into food and water. Would love it if it were smaller and lighter or better yet - this worked with a microchip instead of just the tag. Also, when the cats get rambunctious with each other, sometimes the breakaway collar comes off. Microchip would solve this.
2-The RFID range goes through walls, which is weird. I have the feeder about a foot from a wall, and when my cat is on the OTHER SIDE of the wall in the next room, the door closes on the feeder (feeder is in open mode, so it closes when the piggy cat is in range).
3- It's loud.
4 - Changing any of the settings requires that the tag be nearby for the last step in the settings cycle. I don't want to have to chase down the pig cat and get his collar or bring him over just to change the timing of the meals or the size.
5 - If you want to change the food in it ever, it's a hassle. I had to try several foods with my kitten and a lot of the food spills out of the bottom of the device if you are trying to empty it all together and start fresh. It's a messy process.
6-I wish it was a bit easier to also put wet food in it. You can, in theory, but if it could just have a split bowl where the dry food only went in one side, it would be PERFECT. I still have to monitor the wet food meals and each cat is much more interested in his brother's food than his own.

Thanks for all that constructive feedback! Several of the items you have listed are already on our list for the future. A few notes to help you right now: -When changing settings you don't need the tag. If you've already programmed the feeder then the tag will be stored in memory so when you get to tag pairing just give it a second for the check button to turn green and then press it to skip right through. -When emptying a feeder we find it best to pick up and empty the feeder bin from the top. -If you add wet food to the bowl with the kibble the feeder will still block off access to your food thief.
Exactly What I Needed for Years and Just Found

No more dog getting into the pricey prescription cat food. At All. Ever. The lid just closes when he walks by. Leaving the food for the cat when the cat wants it. ALSO, I don't have to worry about refilling daily. Takes the food management for the cat out of my day. Cat knows he gets food regularly, so less gorging. I'm sad I didn't find this device earlier. Worth every penny.

Excellent solution for our situation

We have three cats, one of which hogs food from the others. We've tried a bunch of different tricks, but nothing has worked until we got our PortionPro. We have it set to Open, and tagged Greedy with an unregistered tag. He's quite confused and frustrated that the others can eat but he can't!
It didn't take more than 15 minutes for the other cats to get used to the machine (I suppose because we've changed up their eating habits so many times recently).
Thanks for such a great product!

The jury's still out...

Love the concept however..the cats afraid of the noise it makes when it's refilling and it would be really nice if the cat didn't have to wear a bell when it's a single cat adventure.

Thanks for the review! Unfortunately there is not much we can do about the food delivery noise. There is a way to operate the feeder in open mode with no tag for single pet households. Reach out to our team for more information on how to do that!
Breaks a lot

Cat's scared of it and it throws a lot of error messages. For awhile the buttons wouldn't even work I haven't even checked to see if they're working now but it's feeding at regular intervals so that's good.

Thanks for the review! If your feeder is getting error messages on a regular basis there may be something wrong with it or how it is functioning. Please reach out to us privately with further details about the errors you're experiencing so we can help you to troubleshoot the issue.
10/10 recommend

We love this product! It’s made feeding time a breeze.

three cats, three mixes of food. disappointed that could not use dental food because it is larger than what is recommended. it has taken about a month to get them to not be spooked by the tag hitting the container and the sound of the motor. I would like to see the tag be able to be more secure on the collar so it doesn't dangle. Also would like to se a tray under the machine to pick up the ones that fall thru the hole in the bottom when trying to take the bowl out for cleaning.(or if they wouldn't spill from the bowl)

Very convenient

This feeder is very convenient for my busy schedule and hungry kitty. The only complaint is how loud the feeder is when it dispenses

Perfect Solution for a Pair of Cats with Different Food Drives!

First off, this thing is great. If you think it might be what you need and it lines up with what you're trying to accomplish for your pet's eating habits, it's not going to be a bad decision.

Anyway, I got one because I have two cats with very different food drives. They both like to eat, but one (cat A) is OBSESSED with food and the other (cat B) is fine with hanging back. This led to Cat A being overweight and Cat B slowly losing weight because Cat A was eating all the food before Cat B had a real chance.

So, I bought one feeder (no extra tags) and disallowed Cat A from it, so now Cat B can have food security. Cat B can eat from the feeder as she pleases, and I just feed Cat A in her regular non-feeder food bowl. So far, my cats have adjusted just fine, Cat A seems a little less chunky than usual, and Cat B is already starting to feel less bony!

All in all, if my situation was anything like yours is now, this product can serve as a great solution.

Great Product!

I have two feeders with one overweight cat and one self- regulator that has to graze all day. I keep a tag on one cat and it allows access to his feeder while closing the other feeder if he gets too close. He has already started to lose weight!

My cats and I love this!

This product has really changed our daily lives at my house. Previously, one of my cats would yell at me every morning and evening around his feeding times. Hes a punk! We got this feeder and not only does it hold SO MUCH food, my cat finally stopped harassing me. I totally recommend!

Best product on the market

This technologically advanced feeder is superior. Works exactly as stated. Very easy to understand and operate. Simple to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning. Very convenient! I would like to see in the future, options to purchase units with larger storage capacity. Also I asume as technology advances we will likely see smaller tags be developed. Currently not bad for most dogs; seems a little big on a cat but ours do great with it. Best to you all and enjoy your new product if you decide to purchase!!!

So convenient!

This is such a convenient dog feeder! No more reminding the kids constantly to feed the dog - this takes care of it for us and regulates her food (something kids are NOT good at!

Wishing Feeding

I bought this because I have 2 cats, both need to lose a little weight, and one bullies the other out of his food. They are great quality, and I know they would have worked for the purpose I needed them for, but I could not get my one cat used to the tag on the collar. Also my other cat likes to rake the food out of his bowl with his foot, and this kept jamming the door. If your pet will wear a collar/tag without issue and not drag food out of the bowl, this feeder is awesome and will work for you. I am so disappointed it didn't work for us, but it was not because of the feeder, it was because of my crazy cats!!

Works great to help dogs loose weight

Works great to help dogs loose weight. Works as advertised. It would be nice to have a larger bowl for large dogs. Also would be nice to be able to adjust some types of warnings, such as being able to adjust time the dog last ate, before getting a warning. Great product.