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Patented RFID collar tag
Patented RFID tag with ziptie
PortionPro Additional RFID Tag range

Additional RFID Replaceable Battery Tag

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All feeders include one tag.

We recommend each pet in the home wear a tag. Reach out via email for more information.

  • We suggest rather than the D-ring, you use the zip-tie option to affix the tag to the collar. (This keeps the tag up and out of water bowls, and it is a more secure method of mounting the tag)
  • Patented RFID system communicates with the PortionPro feeder to control food access for dogs and cats.
  • Recognized by the feeder at a distance of approximately 2 feet.
  • Tag weighs approximately 10 grams (about 2 nickels), slightly larger around than a quarter.
  • Includes CR2032 lithium 3V battery.
  • The new tag design incorporates an easily replaceable battery!
  • It also has substantially improved water-resistance; via a new silicone O-ring seal and enclosure sealing.
  • The new tag incorporates an additional or second collar attachment mechanism/system that provides for the tag to be closely attached/snugged tightly up against the collar and it works with and fits ALL collars (regardless of collar size). This “zip-tie” design is ideal for cats who tend to dip their D-Ring attached tags into their water bowls. The D-ring attachment capability also remains for those folks who want to use that.
  • Each tag sends out a unique signal that can communicate with any feeder. So whether you have 1 or 100 feeders in your home, each pet only needs one tag.
  • The RFID tags dimensions are approximately 4.6 x 3.4 x 1.4 cm.
  • The weight of the tag is approximately 0.65 oz.


Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Debra Laushine
New Tag

So glad this tag now has a replacement battery! Good Work!

Becky Smith
Best thing since sliced bread

I love my PortionPro feeders. I have a busy schedule and two dogs on different diets. I can ensure they don’t share food and have had fewer vet visits since I started using this product.

Jodi Kohlmeyer

Having the ability and freedom to replace the battery and also having it hang higher on my cat’s neck is perfection. Thank you so much for making the change.

Michelle Sharpee
Love the new tags!!

Love love love the new tags with replaceable batteries!!! My cats eat different prescription food and it is a life saver!


This is the best automatic pet feeder you will find. I looked far and wide for a programmable individualized feeder. I have two cats on separate prescription diets who like to steal from each other. The best part is the customizable feedings and maximum daily quantity. As a veterinarian I recommend the feeder to many of my clients who are looking for an advanced feeder!