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Let PortionProRx feed the right pet, the right food, in the right amount, at the right time, every time!

Automatic RFID Dog & Cat Feeder
Automatic RFID Dog & Cat Feeder prevent food stealing
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Automated Deliver Scheduled Meals
Automatic Cat & dog Feeder to Prevent and Reverse Obesity
Automatic RFID Pet Feeder Specification
Automatic RFID Dog & Cat Feeder
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Automatic RFID Pet Feeder with Replaceable Battery Tag

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Note: Feeders are intended to be used by one pet for proper daily meal portioning. Each pet should wear a tag for access control. If purchasing less feeders than pets in the home be sure to add extra tags to your cart. (Our feeder only works with our own RF tag.)

Included with every feeder: 1 RFID Tag, Power Supply, Food Bin and Lid, Food Bowl, Food Belt.
  • Please make sure your pet wears a collar to hold  RFID tag.
  • PortionPro Automatic Feeder is ideally meant to portion out food for one pet in the home.
  • Keeps your pets healthier by controlling portions and keeping their weight under control.
  • Saves money by not overfeeding and avoiding expensive vet bills related to overweight pets.
  • Patented RFID system controls access to the food for an assigned pet within multi-pet households.
  • Set it and forget it! No more worrying about mealtimes.
  • Automatically measures and serves meals in amounts and times that you set. 
  • Feeds as little as 1/2 cup all the way up to 6 cups per day.
  • Divides the daily amount into 2, 4, and 6 meals per day for cats and 2 or 3 meals per day for dogs.
  • The food bin (hopper) holds 30 cups of dry kibble and has pet-proof self locking lid. (Not for wet food)
  • The PortionPro is designed to be used with non-irregular shaped dry food. Recommended kibble size 5/8" or less for optimal meal accuracy.
  • Ceramic coated steel bowl for both durability and hygiene.
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning.
  • PortionPro feeder needs at least one working tag to operate.
  • The new tag design incorporates an easily replaceable battery!
  • The RFID tags dimensions are approximately 4.6 x 3.4 x 1.4 cm.
  • We suggest rather than the D-ring, you use the zip-tie option to affix the tag to the collar. (This keeps the tag up and out of water bowls, and it is a more secure method of mounting the tag)
  • Able to set the feeder in silent mode to make the beeping stop (Please see troubleshooting page for steps).
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Customer Reviews

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Exactly What We Needed

We have two cats. One is essentially a vacuum for food and the other is a grazer. We wanted an automatic feeder to make sure the cats are fed while we are gone at work, but if any food is left unattended, the vacuum cat will find it.

This feeder is a game changer for our grazing boy. We have it on “open” mode and placed the tag on the vacuum cat, so the feeder closes when she gets too close. At first, the noise scared the grazer, and he would only eat out of it if you sat next to him while he ate. But as time went on, he realized it was safe, and now we have two happy fed kitties, even when we are not at home to feed them!

-Customizable meal amount and delivery times
-gate that prevents other cat from reaching howl, even if she tries to be sneaky (unlike other models that cat can sneak around and still get to food bowl)
-easy manual feed option
-tag programmable to be either access denied/granted

-gate closing is a little noisy, but it is a quick action

Margaret McMurry

Automatic RFID Pet Feeder with Replaceable Battery Tag

Martin Kaminski

Stops my fat pig of a cat from stealing the poor old skinny ones food.

stefan klimaj
very functional

I've had these feeders for several years , i have four large dogs and they work great, only problem was the first generation tags when they died u couldn't replace battery without cutting them apart , but with the new tags they are designed to come apart and change battery ....great move on companies part love it .

Strengths and Weaknesses

Overall I love these feeders. They’ve helped me solve a feeding issue between two cats trying to individually achieve Furry Blimp status! They’ve been using the Petsafe 5 feeding automated bowls, but that didn’t stop them from stealing each other’s food. And making me grumpy. We’re all less grouchy now.

1. Width makes it stable against cat marking, resists attack
2. Volume: doesn’t require frequent filling
3. Low placement of the conveyor means it doesn’t have to be loaded, just fill hopper (competitor’s taller feeder with conveyor is more similar to a grain elevator and the long belt has to be loaded with food, or else skip several meals to fill it.)
4. Pitch/frequency of motor turning food to bowl is nearly identical to competitors auto feeder bowls, making an easier transition
5. Easy to clean and separate components with large, well-marked buttons
6. Cats actually get the food they’re supposed to get, no matter how much they want to cheat
7. It’s easy to give them an extra serving from time to time
8. 10 lb mini cat and 12 lb (Pomeranian size) cat adjusted to tags and collars with minimal issue. The small one was uninterested in a collar, but within two days she’d relaxed to allowing me take off and put on collar without any fuss. And she’s a borderline feral TNR cat, so…
1. Can’t do midnight as first of six servings (when checking the servings, one machine showed it did a serving at - -:- - and the other machine just doesn’t do the midnight meal, much to the loud chagrin of the elderly cat.) changed to 6 am and no further issues
2. The button lights might be visible from space, on the Vegas strip. I covered them loosely with electrical tape so I could actually sleep at night.
3. Can’t do less than 1/2 cup. Smaller critters need less. No matter how fat they want to get
4. No way to vary amount at each meal
5. One of the feeders is next to the bedroom wall, which led to a temporary form of food bullying where the “wrong” cat would hang out near the feeder in the living room, triggering the door to close through the wall in the bedroom. Rearranging the living room helped, but I’m also considering a small metal sheet to block the tag from the other side of the wall to prevent shortening the door motor life
6. The radio tag is disproportionate on smaller critters
7. The frequency/tone/pitch of the radio tag is hitting the plastic frame while the cat eats is nearly identical to a cat vomiting. Slightly altering the timpani on which they play can help. It’s unsettling.
8. No way to raise the feeder for animals that need that to facilitate safer eating. I used monitor stands for the one who stands up, and no change needed for the one who lies down to eat