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PortionPro Replacement Food Belt

Food Belt

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The food belt is constructed following FDA guidelines.


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Nicholas Neibauer

Replacement Food Belt

Great Service and Communication

I am most impressed at the PortionPro Staff's willingness to respond to email inquiries and for all their follow-up emails and updates. They are Top Notch in my opinion - Outstanding Staff, Organization, and Product!

Almost perfect. But could be improved for cats.

I smaller tag would be more comfortable for cats. Also, cats less then 10 lbs actually need less than half a cup a day of mist cat foods to stay a healthy weight, so if a smaller setting or a smaller feeder could be made that would be nice. Otherwise I love it!

Great When It Works

We love this portion control feeder... when it works. We were free feeding our dogs and 1 was overeating so we bought 2 feeders for our dogs to provide portion control. We followed the set up instructions, which were easy. The issue is that the feeders jam and we have to pull the units apart and work the food out of the belts. We are not sure why this is happening as we are using the recommended dog food size and went from 2 to 3 feedings per day so the portions being pushed into the bin are smaller. We have also ordered new belts thinking ours may be defective, but the issue continues to happen. Despite all the issues, both of our dogs have lost weight and have more energy since using this feeder.

Thanks for your review Rose! What you're experiencing is definitely not the norm for our feeders and we would like to help you get to the bottom of this problem. If you'd like to reach out to us via we'd be happy to try and get some understanding regarding this situation.

Love having spares!

I purchased extra bowls, along with an extra belt and food bin. Makes life extremely easy to be able to swap out clean parts, and wash the empties when I have a few minutes. Well worth it.