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PortionPro Smart Pet Feeder for perfectly fed, chaos-free
PortionPro Automatic Pet Feeder for cats and dogs to Prevent and Reverse Obesity
PortionPro Unique Pet Feeder LCD set up
PortionPro Access Control to stop food stealing
PortionPro Deliver Scheduled Meals
PortionPro Prevent Food Stealing among multiple Pets

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder

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Note: Feeders are intended to be used by one pet for proper daily meal portioning. Each pet should wear a tag for access control. If purchasing less feeders than pets in the home be sure to add extra tags to your cart.

Prevents Food Stealing Among Multiple Pets & Delivers Scheduled Meals

*FREE shipping on all PortionPro Rx feeders and any additional tags when purchased together. (Applies to Continental US only)

Included with every feeder: 1 RFID Tag, Power Supply, Food Bin and Lid, Food Bowl, Food Belt.
  • Keeps your pets healthier by controlling portions and keeping their weight under control.
  • Saves money by not overfeeding and avoiding expensive vet bills related to overweight pets.
  • Patented RFID system controls access to the food within multi-pet households.
  • Set it and forget it! No more worrying about mealtimes.
  • Automatically measures and serves meals in amounts and times that you set.Ā 
  • Feeds as little as 1/2 cup all the way up to 6 cups per day.
  • Divides the daily amount into 2, 3, 4, or 6 meals.
  • Bin holds 30 cups of dry kibbleĀ and has pet-proof self locking lid.
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning.
  • Ceramic coated steel bowl for both durability and hygiene.

60-Day Money BackĀ Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews

Works so well
I have one cat that is very skinny and had to be locked in a separate room for hours to get him to eat enough and he hated it. Now he can eat when ever he wants to and does not have to worry about the other two cats bullying him and stealing his food. My other cats still have not figured out why they can't eat his food and continue to try but have not figured out a way to get to it yet.


This puts my dogs on a routine. I donā€™t have to worry about their food. And if the feeder were to have a problem, it would ring an alarm or my dogs would let me know. I only had an alarm once because I quit using one of the tags.

Exactly what I was looking for!

I needed a feeder that would keep the cats eating separate food and could have scheduled feedings. I did not want to fill it daily (all the others that are pet specific had a couple compartments that open only). Once you get used to the door noise these are perfect (thereā€™s a wurring sound when it opens and closes, not super loud though). The only thing I would change is the tags are so big and dangly, luckily it hasnā€™t been a problem so far I was just super worried about it at first. I was originally looking for a feeder that could use their microchips but the only ones that do that are the ones that need to be filled each day. My boyfriend thinks it would be cool if the doors didnā€™t open when the bowl is empty.

PortionPro keeps my fattycat slim!

I have three cats, one of whom is a glutton. He'll eat his food from his feeder and then the others' food until he gets sick! I've tried 4 other solutions, but PortionPro's active RFID prevents him from getting more than his share. It's actually humorous to watch his quizzical expression when the PortionPro's door closes before he can get to the food. He hasn't given up yet (it's only been two weeks, and he's stubborn), but I can tell he's slowly getting tired of the frustration. Thanks, PortionPro!

Exactly what we needed!

I have a puppy who refuses to eat a meal in one go. He insists on grazing or will not eat enough to maintain his weight. But I also have another hungry dog and a scavenging cat who made grazing impossible without us standing watch over the bowl at all times. I searched high and low for a reasonable solution and here it is! Finally! Now everyone (except the scavengers) is happy! We also gave in and bought a couple of extra tags for when friendsā€™ dogs come visit. We had a day when we thought our pup was particularly hungry until we realized he was letting his friend help herself to his food...