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Replacement Feeder

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Working well

We decided to stick to the always open door setting because our cat sometimes likes to just sit near the feeder. When it was in closed mode this would cause it to try and reset every few minutes. I worry that this was burning out the motor. We have a very food motivated cat. Anyway, the feeder is great!

Mirtha Watt
Got 3 PortionProRX Feeders for our 3 cats

We finally got our ideal set-up for our three cats. We are experimenting setting up the best scenarios for the cats to be healthy & happy. Our cats are getting used to their new way of feeding. Although, sometimes, we feed them wet food on the side. My daughter and I are longtime customers. Thank you for your support.

Debbie M Swift
Love this feeder

When trouble-shooting didn't fix the problem I was having, PortionPro promptly sent me a new feeder that works perfectly. I couldn't be happier. This feeder really helps. We have a cat that raids all other food bowls if not supervised and became morbidly obese from stealing food. With the PortionPro feeder, we are able to exclude him from the other cat's food and the dog's food, and yet allow them to free feed. The little guy had abandonment issues and food insecurity after being on his own. He ate gluttonously after he arrived in our household, but now he is at a healthy weight by following our vet's prescribed feeding program.